Full schedule posted for Eco-Imaginaries!

We are very excited to present the full schedule for Eco-Imaginaries, and we hope to see many of you there on the 10th!


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Discussion of DeLoughrey and Tufts Eco-Tour 9/22

In preparation for Elizabeth DeLoughrey’s keynote at the Eco-Imaginaries conference (10/10), we’re having a discussion of her introduction to Postcolonial Ecologies on Monday, Sept. 22nd at 5pm ON CAMPUS. We’ll meet at the entrance to East Hall and do a walking eco-tour of campus while we discuss.

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Conference Countdown: Less than One Month!

We’re a little over three weeks away from our conference, and as we look forward to the inspiring conversation and debate of “Eco-Imaginaries” on October 10, we would like to ask our readers: What are the important conversations you think we should be having right now? What are the most crucial environmental issues of the moment – socially, economically, politically, etc.? Give us some feedback in the comments section!

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Working Group reading for 8/21

Next Thursday we’ll be discussing Cherríe Moraga’s play Heroes and Saints, an award-winning production based on the impact of rampant pesticide use in the San Joaquin Valley in the late ’80s on the farm workers. As usual, we’ll meet at iYo in Davis Square at 6pm.

Looking forward to talking with you about it!


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A Novel Time! Working Group Reading for 8/7

We hope that summer is treating you well! Just a reminder that the environmental working group will be meeting this Thursday at 6pm at iYo in Davis Square to discuss Timothy Findley’s NOT WANTED ON THE VOYAGE. It’s a retelling of the biblical flood story from the perspective of Noah’s wife and her cat–it’s bizarre, entertaining, eco-feministy…  It’s also a pretty quick read, so if you haven’t started it yet, you could likely still manage it (you could also attend even if you haven’t finish, in classic book club fashion).

The Minuteman library network has 5 copies and Boston Library Consortium has 6.

Not Wanted on the Voyage

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Working group reading for 7/10

Hello everyone!

This week continues the working group’s foray into Renaissance ecocritical investigations, as we’ll be reading the introduction to Robert Watson’s Back to Nature: The Green and the Real in the Late Renaissance. Join us at iYo in Davis Square at 6pm this Thursday, July 10th to discuss Watson’s view of ecocriticsm and its history, early modern concerns about our place within and alongside Nature, and the way these views might alter how we think of our current moment.

Hope to see you there!


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Working group reading for 6/26

This week we are reading the preface to Laurie Shannon’s The Accommodated Animal, an investigation into early modern ideas and beliefs about humans and their interactions with the non-humans with which they shared the world. Shannon’s investigation centers upon the Cartesian divide between human and animal that became the dominant paradigm up to and including now. Please join us at iYo in Davis Square at 6pm on Thursday the 26th to discuss the reading or any other thoughts and ideas concerning “animal studies,” then and now! As always, all are welcome!!

If you like early modern things, but you can’t come this week, keep an eye on July 10th, as we’ll be staying in the olden thoughts. :)

See you soon!


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